Liz Silberstein

Liz Silberstein, non-profits, small businesses, school associations, and students

Liz Silberstein joined the firm after graduating from the University of Colorado Law School in 2014. Liz represents non-profits, small businesses, school associations, and students in a variety of areas.


Her practice focuses on guiding non-profits and small businesses through the formation process and counseling them during the on-going management of their activities. She helps organizations develop contracts and corporate documents, achieve property tax exemption, and manage real estate transactions. She advises organizations in a wide range of employment matters including those related to liability and employment law compliance. She assists non-profits and small businesses with trademark registration and maintenance, licensing agreements, and trademark infringement monitoring and policing.

Liz helps school associations and students navigate the complexities of school law. She has advised school athletic associations on employment and certification issues. She has also represented students with regards to Title IX investigations and tuition classification disputes.